Get real results in your career

Understand your opportunities and position yourself for fast advancement

Our coaching will help you seek out and achieve the best opportunities over your career. We can help you discover a new role, achieve a promotion, negotiate effectively or take on projects with more responsibility. 

Our coaching doesn’t just help you land a great position, we will help you thrive in your new role (and beyond). 

Our coaching is ideal for anyone who needs to constantly make decisions and manage relationships to deliver results. 

It’s all about getting clear on what you want and determining the best way to achieve it.

Success on your terms

Achieve meaningful results that matter to you

Real results. Quickly!

Our coaching will help you understand which actions you can take right now which will lead to the highest value in your career.

Increase your opportunities

You will advance more in your career with ongoing coaching than trying to navigate it alone. This could mean more income, higher positions, greater flexibility, or exciting challenges.

Develop the skills you need to succeed

Coaching will help you to develop the skills and experience to not only thrive in the role you are in, but also the roles you want to pursue.

Holistic approach to success

Success in your career shouldn’t come at a cost to other areas of your life. Not only will we help you enjoy your career, we will help you live your life with fulfillment and meaning.

Our ongoing coaching service

What does it cost and what do you get?

Some coaches charge thousands of dollars per month, but this can be confronting for people to try, especially if you haven’t received coaching before.

That’s why we’ve priced all of our coaching programs at $500 per month. We know how valuable coaching is for your career, and we are passionate about helping you gain the most from it. 

We will provide you with the tools, insights, strategies and resources to maximise your opportunities at each stage of your career. This includes salary negotiations, promotions, changing roles, leading teams and managing projects. 

Most importantly, we will provide you with the support and accountability to make consistent progress.

Our program includes:

How does Career Coaching work?

We start by Gaining Clarity and then Taking Action consistently.

We begin with a 2-hour strategy session where we explore every aspect of your career. We want to understand all of the challenges and opportunities to determine which areas will benefit from your sustained focus. 

You will gain incredible clarity about the current stage of your career, and together we will determine the most effective strategies for you to implement over the next few months. 

We then meet fortnightly for 1-hour sessions to help you make steady progress or get clearer on your direction.

We are confident that you will receive amazing value by working together, but if you’re not satisfied at the end of the 1st month we’ll provide a full refund. Simple as that.

So let’s connect and take your career to the next level. 

About your coach

Ben MacNevin

Ben MacNevin is a coach in the Quarter Life Academy team. He is passionate about helping young adults set themselves up for the rest of their lives. 

Ben had two dreams when he finished school – to be a fund manager and to run his own business. 

Ben lived his first dream after university by working in a $1 billion equities fund as an investment analyst and the Head of Operations. This experience helped him understand the value of a company and what’s required to run a company. 

He is now living his second dream by purchasing and growing private businesses, as well as being an angel investor. 

Ben also has extensive experience with running leadership programs for young adults and understands how individuals and teams can thrive. 

Taken together, Ben loves helping people understand that amazing results can be achieved by performing small actions consistently.

Ben MacNevin Profile Picture