Simple strategy, consistently executed

A big thanks to Jayden for today’s blog post. It comes off the back of his recommendation to read Great by Choice by Jim Collins. 

This book is a continuation of their former work you may have heard: Built to Last and Good to Great

The key point that I want to focus on with this blog post is how the great companies they reviewed thrive in uncertain conditions. 

The world is inherently changing, but the great companies don’t keep changing too.

Rather, they embrace a simple strategy and consistently execute on it. 

The strategy still needs to work (and the book describes ways to understand what’s working and what’s not). 

And it doesn’t mean you need to stick with the same strategy forever, or ignore information that goes against the strategy. 

But it does make a very compelling case that if you’re looking to do great things, then best come up with a plan that anyone can understand (especially you) and dedicate yourself to moving towards it consistently (however pedestrian that may feel). 

It may not sound exciting. 

Or dynamic. 

Or inspiring. 

But it does produce some cool results. 


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