Urgent decisions

Urgent decisions

We like to think of ourselves as considered and rational.

But the reality is we tend to make decisions when circumstances are urgent. 

Consider for a moment how you’ve navigated your career until now.

Was each career move clearly thought out?

Or was the catalyst for each decision marked by a painful event or a sudden opportunity that you felt compelled to act upon?

Urgent circumstances provide a fantastic catalyst to take action, but they can produce suboptimal results. 

You may think this makes sense when faced with urgent pain. 

You suddenly lose your job, or you get passed over for a promotion, or you’re dealing with a toxic culture at work.

All you want to do is get out of that environment, and you’re ok if the next move isn’t ideal, just as long as you’re out. 

But this may not make sense when you’re faced with urgent gain. 

You’re offered a promotion, or you’re headhunted by a recruiter, or you’re offered equity or a partnership. 

Why isn’t this an ideal outcome?

The problem here is that you’ll likely not consider this opportunity against all the other opportunities that are available to you.

Now don’t get me wrong – when you make an urgent decision, you could very well find yourself in a fantastic position. 

The argument I am trying to make is that you are better placed to consider what’s best for your career when you’re not under extreme pressure. 

Right now, work may be going well for you, or you may say that your job is “OK”. 

But either way, you probably don’t have a strong conviction to push for something different.

And yet these are the perfect conditions to think about how you’re going and what could be next. 

When conditions are calm, you can be thoughtful and considered and curious. 

You have the time and space to identify lots of different opportunities and explore them fully to decide on what could be best. 

So if you think you don’t need to make a big decision about your career right now, please appreciate this could be the perfect time to make a big decision.

Thanks for reading to the end of this article!

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