Advance your career this year

Advance your career this year

If you want to get more out of your career this year, then this course is for you.

It captures all the key principles and processes I’ve used with 1-on-1 coaching that have produced great results for my clients.

Here is the full course outline so you can understand which modules are right for you. I hope it helps, and I’m always here for a chat if you’d like to explore any area together.

Go for it!

Get Clear On What You Want

Whenever I’m engaged by a new client for career coaching, I ask them to answer 5 questions. I’ve found this framework incredibly powerful for gaining clarity quickly – and the more clarity you have, the more effective your actions will be.

So whether you think you know what you want or you’re struggling to understand what’s next, this module is a great way to help your thinking.

Get the job you want

Defining the job – If you can define the job you want as clearly as you can, it will allow you to focus on the best opportunities to achieve this goal and help others identify the best opportunities for you too!

Finding the job – Getting the job you want really is a numbers game. The more opportunities you can identify that align with your goal, the better your chances will be of achieving it. That means it’s in your best interests to create a system that will funnel as many opportunities to you as possible.

Creating the job – Not many people realise this, but you’re not limited to just finding a job that you want. You also have the power to CREATE the job that you want!

Landing the job – When you’ve set up a great system that keeps feeding you amazing opportunities, you then need to land the job that you really want. In this video I go over the key parts of the application process to best position you for an offer.

Accepting or Refusing a job offer – It’s so so important to understand what you’ll say YES to and what you’ll say NO to. Every job application is a discovery process, where you will find more about the role and the company as you progress. You should never feel pressured to accept a position if you ultimately determine that it’s not something that you really want.

Get paid what you’re worth

Assessing your value – There are various ways you should assess your value, both within and outside the company you’re working for. The more you can understand your relative value, the better placed you’ll be to maximise your financial and non-financial benefits.

Ways to realise higher value – There are so many ways that you can realise higher value that go beyond more money. In this video I will expand your awareness of all the different opportunities you can explore.

Negotiating a payrise (or higher value) – There is a process to getting paid what you’re worth, and it’s something that anyone can do. This process can be used to get a payrise (the highest outcome I’ve achieved with a client so far is $42,000!), and it can also be used for any value you want to receive.

What if you don’t get what you’re worth? – When you know you’re not getting paid what you’re worth, it can be hard to stay in the role with that knowledge – especially after you’ve tried the techniques in this course and your situation doesn’t change. So it’s important to understand what it really means for your career if you stay in your current role, knowing that you could be getting more.

Set yourself up for future success

Know your Long Game – When you frame your career around an identity, it will make your decisions about what to do a lot easier.

Explore a Dual Track Strategy – I’m a big advocate of the Dual Track approach. I’ve had great success with it over my career, and I strongly encourage you to consider this too.

Maximise serendipity – Some people say luck isn’t a strategy. I say it is – and a powerful one at that!

Expand your opportunity set – People become super-focused on their career whenever they want to change jobs, but they then lose some of that focus after the change happens. If you really want to advance your career over the long term, you must focus on growing your opportunities when you don’t need to look for another job.

Always be ready to act – If you suddenly become aware of an amazing opportunity, would you be ready to make the most of it?

What are you waiting for? – People are more likely to make decisions when extreme events happen, either something really good pops up or something really bad happens. In between these two extremes, we tend to take less action, and that’s not ideal.

Getting better at career progression – The way you’ve applied for positions to get to where you are now, may not be enough to get you to where you want to go.

Who must you connect with now? – If you want to make a meaningful change in your career, then please don’t rely on yourself. The sooner you can get out of your own way, the sooner you can connect with others who will help you on your journey and achieve the goals you want. It’s so easy to finish this course and hold off on taking action – so if there’s only one thing you do from here, you MUST make yourself accountable to someone else.

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