What are you doing well?

What are you doing well

As 2023 winds down and 2024 draws near, it’s natural to reflect on the year that was and consider what the next year will bring.

This is usually done through the lens of change.

A new year heralds a fresh start, where we look forward with optimism and hope things will get better (or at least not get worse).

We then resolve to start something new or to do things differently.

But rarely do we resolve to keep doing the same things.

There is a LOT you did this year which you should be proud of.

Your thoughts may turn to the moments that were marked by achievements, like getting a promotion, or receiving an award, or winning a deal.

But I encourage you to think of the positive actions you’ve sustained which went unrecognised.

The days when you pushed hard to make a deadline which really helped your team.

The weekends where you chose to put yourself in a good position for the week ahead.

The moments you went out of your way to connect with a colleague.

The skills you refined to produce better work.

The times you had a challenging conversation in a professional and respectful way.

I’m a firm believer that amazing results are achieved by performing small actions consistently, and this means you are usually strengthening a foundation, rather than rebuilding it.

So if you’ve reflecting on 2023 and thinking about making some New Year’s Resolutions, try not to crowd out the old with the new.

What are you doing well that you should keep doing next year?

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