Who are your Career Champions?

Who are your Career Champions

A factor that many professionals overlook with their career advancement is the role that others play in helping them progress. 

There are people around you that will recognise your value and do what they can to help you succeed. 

I call these people your “Career Champions”. 

These are your colleagues who will expand your awareness of what’s possible.

Who will prepare you for advancement. 

Who will advocate for you when key roles come into play.

And who will support you through whatever outcomes may be. 

You may be thinking that a Career Champion is similar to a mentor. 

Career Champions can certainly provide mentorship, but they will also actively help you navigate an organisation or industry. 

If you believe that your advancement will be based on merit and effort, then having Career Champions may not be something you readily embrace. 

But the higher and higher you want to go, the more and more trust you will need with influential people. There’s only so far you can go on your own. 

So it’s very important to value the power of strong professional relationships. 

Do your best to connect with Career Champions, on both a personal and professional level. This means forging relationships beyond your current team, especially with people in higher positions. 

Likewise, during your career, it’s important to be a Career Champion for others. 

If you see potential in others, do all you can to support them, and the greater your impact will be.

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