Help opportunities find you

Help opportunities find you 1

Your career may be in a fantastic place right now, such that you’re content with how things are going and you’re not actively exploring your next step. 

Yet it’s always good to have an awareness of what other opportunities are out there for you – not just in case your current situation ends abruptly and unexpectedly, but also because there may be even better roles waiting for you that you’re not even aware of. 

The good news is that there are simple and easy ways to help great opportunities find you – here are three which you can activate right now. 

Make LinkedIn your Billboard

When’s the last time you updated your LinkedIn page?

If you’re like most people, it’s probably when you last looked for a job. 

A lot of people think LinkedIn is just a duplicate resume. 

But actually, it’s a sales page. 

It’s your professional billboard that is constantly promoting your brand and value, and lots of people use it every day to find the right people for their opportunities. 

If someone had an opportunity that you were perfect for, would they know this if they looked at your LinkedIn right now?

Or would they quickly move onto another profile? 

Recruit a Recruiter

Many people engage a recruiter when they want to find a new job, and it’s usually a once-off engagement.

But what if you had a recruiter that supported you over the life of your career?

To position yourself for the best opportunities, you need someone in your corner who is not only aware of what’s available, but also knows how to open doors for you.

You will be very well positioned if you seek out a recruiter that’s as passionate about your career as you are.

And don’t worry about meeting a recruiter if you’re not searching for a job. Recruiters want to have a directory of dependable applicants which they can contact when opportunities arise. If you can clearly explain to a recruiter the value you want to realise over your career, they will be best placed to work for you and advance your interests (which in turn will advance their interests too).

Join a Committee 

I often write about the value of being a member of professional Associations or Industry bodies, and attending as many of their events as possible. 

But there’s an even greater value you will gain by becoming a Committee member or volunteering for these organisations. 

Not only will you get to shape the direction of your industry that you’re passionate about, you will build strong connections with fellow professionals that are just as passionate to make things happen. 

Professional Associations are major channels for industry news and information, and actively volunteering will place your finger on the industry pulse. 

And not only will this contribution make you more aware of great opportunities, it will make you stand out more when you apply for those opportunities too.

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